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Thermoplastic Road markings

There are a number of benefits that thermoplastic road paint presents over regular street marketing paints. More of these advantages can be attributed to the composition and core strength of the material that is designed while keeping in mind the weather requirements and road requirements for driving in harsh weather conditions to minimize risks at a larger level.
Thermoplastic Line Marking is a type of road marking that is raised above the ground and offers reflective characteristics that help drivers see these line markings on the roads even better at night. What makes these line markings so special is that they are made from thermoplastic paints, which uphold constant friction from cars and different weather events and last for a very long time. Thermoplastic Line Marking has become the preferred line marking solution for many pavement and asphalt companies.
Thermoplastic is a hot-applied road marking compound for the creation of highly reflective stripings with long-term performance
Thermoplastic is based on either alkyd or hydrocarbon resins and contains a significant portion of premix glass beads.
The material is available as powder or in preformed blocks. Due to the necessary melting process when applying thermoplastic to the road surface, more sophisticated road marking equipment is required. Different methods are available, depending on the requirements of the final marking.
Thermoplastic markings are of high quality and excel through improved durability, excellent reflection properties at night and day and in wet conditions. Moreover, thermoplastics can be used to achieve additional security features like delineation with an acoustic and rumbling effect.



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